360° rotating images are the modern way to demonstrate products in e-shops and web catalogs. Using this technology allows you to show product fully and accurately, giving your customer the opportunity to examine it from all sides. 360° image is created by combining a sequence of images into a single movie. To automate and simplify the process of 360 photography, we are producing a range of rotating tables. This equipment allows you to create 360° photos in a fully automatic mode (by pressing one button). The device is programmed to turn the plate at a given angle and to release camera shutter. The photographer only needs to process the raw materials using INPROX Rotating Systems Studio software to make the 360° photos which have the following advantages over the ordinary photos:

• convenient;
• attracts the attention of customers;
• informative;
• saves website space.

These advantages of 360° photographs have become more relevant as the extensive use of portable devices such as smart-phones and tablets is increasing. It is much more convenient to rotate and view photographed objects from all sides using touch-screens rather than a mouse on PCs or laptop computers.

We offer several models of rotating system devices which differ in size and load capacity. This equipment allows you to perform various tasks: making 360° pictures of jewelry, capturing large home appliances or even people.

The advantages of our equipment are the following:

• Extreme simplicity of use;
• Pictures also run on iPhone ®, iPad ® devices and Android ® operational system;
• Compatible with most browsers;
Compatible with most cameras;
• Precision of mechanics;
• Software included;
• Affordable price;
• High quality of 360° images;
• Selection of the number of frames and speed adjustment;
• Zoom functionality;
• Fast batch processing images;
• Video mode.

Our equipment makes the process of photographing your goods simple, convenient and fast, which is essential for companies with a wide range of different products because it saves a lot of time for the photographers!

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