INPROX Rotating Systems Studio software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher operating systems and guarantees easy and fast workflow from taking a shot to exporting the project.

It can also be used on MAC OS (Parallels Desktop ® or other "virtual Windows" solution has to be installed). 

While connected to your camera and turntable via USB, the software automatically imports images from the camera and gives you complete control over the process of photographing and processing the images.




• Rotation speed

• Number of diagonal and/or vertical frames

• Delay between shots

• Freemask shooting (freemask studio equipment is required)





• Select crop ratio

• Use grid and/or mask view




• Levels

• Brightness

• Contrast

• Add custom watermark with chosen opacity



• Image rotation speed

• Custom hint

• Clockwise/ Counterclockwise spinning

• Click free, part-turn and autostart spinning

• Loading on click and many more



Changing the rotation speed, number of frames, delay between shots, cropping, adjusting brightness, saturation and contrast of the photographs is fast and convenient. Easy interface guarantees fast operation and allows you to focus more on composing the objects than processing the photographs.

The software exports the image sequence in HTML5 format, which works with all modern browsers without the need of any plugins. This allows your 360˚ images to be easily opened on any desktop computer, tablet or smartphone: just upload your project to a server ant it can be easily shown, embedded or shared anywhere on the web.

For a more detailed RSStudio Software overview please check the video below:

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