360° rotating photography is gaining popularity in the e-shops and web catalogs. The main reason why this method of product presentation is becoming so popular is the opportunity for the visitor to view the product from all sides; with regular photography this is only achieved if long series of photos are attached to the product description.

At first sight, the creation of 360° images is a complex multi-step process. Most e-shop owners, after considering the high cost of producing such photos, do not dare to implement that technology. However, modern hardware and software make the process of creating rotating photographs effortless.

The most difficult and time consuming task in the creation of rotating images is capturing a series of photos from different angles. Automated rotating systems simplify this process. The equipment rotates photographed objects at given angles and releases the shutter all by itself; the operator only waits for the end of shooting and changes the object.

In the past, the most popular format for rotating images was Flash. Recently, however, this format has lost its popularity due to incompatibility with Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). Our company uses the most advanced HTML5 format which is compatible with all devices.


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